Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Off to Mallorca

The Hedgehogspotter is off to Palma Mallorca.
I will try to visit Palma Cathedral for Mass and view the wonderfull rose window again.
See you soon.

Pilgrimage to Wasingham - new picture

Just time for a nice soggy sandwich between Mass and Benediction !!
                              Janice always manages to avoid the camera.
photo by Fr Edwin Barnes

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ordinariate Pilgrimage of Reconciliation to Walsingham - 1

The morning started early as 3 of the Sevenoaks Ordinariate set off from Sevenoaks to Walsingham for the Ordinariate Pilgrimage of Reconciliation.
Good time was made on the M25 and through the Dartford Tunnel and in no time at all we seemed to be nearing our refreshment / comfort stop at Barden Mill.
While we were there eating our bacon burgers more pilgrims from Sevenoaks arrived and also we noted and spoke to other groups of pilgrims all refuelling their bodies.
We left and continued on our way to Walsingham passing the air base but unfortunately as it was the weekend there weren’t any aircraft movements. We had made very good time so decided to head straight to our b&b in Walsingham, where we could leave our car and walk the Holy Mile to the Slipper Chapel.
This appeared to be our first mistake of the day, we had not journeyed far down the path when the heavens opened, we continued walking getting wetter and wetter but we remained in good spirits. When we arrived at the Roman Catholic Shrine I made for the toilets to get some hot air from the blow dryers on my trousers which caused amusement with some of the other people using the toilets at that time watching me trying to dry my trousers, enough said about this I think.
The service of Reconciliation was led by Mgr Keith Newton; the Ordinariate Priests were in attendance including our own Father Ivan who had travelled up with his family and Father James Bradley who was the Deacon. (Father James must be the most travelled and photographed Deacon in the church, he definitely is for the Ordinariate and I hope the Ordinariate in Sevenoaks can keep hold of him although I feel the church will want him to continue his training else where).The Mass was extremely well attended with very wet people standing down the sides and at the back of the church as there was not a single spare seat anywhere.
After a wet and soggy lunch we had Benediction and prayed for the rain to stop.
Now I won’t go as far to say that it was a miracle but everyone’s prayers had been answered because we managed to process down the Holy Mile following the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham reciting the Rosary and singing Ave Maria in dry weather, the sun even came out towards the end of the walk which was warm enough to dry our clothes.
On a personal note and as it’s my blog I’m going to say it, I was really moved by this, to think it had been raining hard all day and then when it was time for the procession to start the rain stopped. Now I know that Mary, God, Jesus or St. Francis of Assisi maybe even all four were looking out for me and welcoming me into the Ordinariate and into the Catholic Church.
We continued our procession through Walsingham High Street and into the Anglican Shrine where Bishop Lindsay Urwin welcomed us. Again as at the Roman Catholic shrine there was no spare space left in the Anglican Shrine at all. This was also a moving experience for me as Catholics, Anglicans and the Ordinariate had all gathered in one place for a single purpose.
The Pilgrims were sprinkled and had Holy water poured into their hands, then we all received a joint blessing from both Mgr Keith Newton and Bishop Lindsay Urwin.
After one final hymn we said our goodbyes to friends old and new and then did as we were instructed to by Bishop Lindsay and visited the Shrine shop which had stayed open late by special arrangement!!!


Friday, 1 July 2011

Ordinariate Questions

As a member of the Sevenoaks Ordinariate I have enjoyed being part of the Catholic church but I am still concerned that as a group we haven't decided or been told where we are to establish ourselves as a group.
As time is moving on we seem to be being absorbed in to St. Thomas' church which isn't a bad idea but I don't think it is what the Pope was asking us to do.
Hopefully there may be some direction soon otherwise the Sevenoaks Ordinariate may just become St. Thomas members.
I pray that we all stay together as a group and that we can start to be part of the Ordinariate.
I am also looking forward to the Ordinariate pilgrimage to Walsingham.