Monday, 31 October 2011

Back from Sunny Wales

We are now back from our holiday in Wales, again only 1 day of rain ( Thursday) but we did have rain in the evenings which made the walking a bit boggy and muddy in places.
The holiday started with us arriving into Talgarth on the back of a recovery truck!!
It was good for a change to be able to sit back, relax and take in the scenery.
Our first walk took us via Talgarth gliding club where we met a nice friendly bunch of people and I was able to collect the gliders numbers. We had lunch atop of the ruins of Castle Dinas, it was high and windy but a very good vantage point from which to enjoy Tomato soup.
Sunday because the car was out of action we took the bus into Brecon and arrived at St. Michael's in time for Mass. After the service we had a good long chat with the Nunn in residence and took some photos. Janice as usual was plugging pilgrimages to Walsingham and we learnt about the recent pilgrimage St. Michael's had taken to Fatima. We then purchased fish 'n' chips and found somewhere nice along the canal to eat them.We finished walking 5 miles along the canal but had to be back to catch the one and only bus from Brecon to Talgarth at 5:30.
The rest of the holiday was full of exhilarating walks, finding our way across fields of cows and sheep, across small brooks and streams, up steep hills and finding hidden gems like a small church with its yew whipping tree, we also visited Hay on Wye and bought several more books !!! Bluith Wells and Brecon again.
The car was repaired very quickly and cheaply by a local garage in Talgarth called Orion Motors. I would definitely recommend these guys to anybody they are friendly, knowledgeable and quick.

Looks like I'll have to book another Saturday as a holiday.

AFC Wimbledon were drawn against Scunthorpe United from n power league 1 for the 1st Round of the FA Cup.
The tie will be played at The Cherry Red Records Stadium ( Kings Meadow) on Saturday 12 November.Looks like I'll have to book another Saturday as holiday.
I was really hoping for MK Dons but they will have to wait for another round.
I will be attending the match with a friend who actually comes from Scunthorpe but who works down here. Loser has to buy the drinks !!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A selection from my personal art portfolio

Just a few of my paintings.

I took up painting after my heart operation as I had plenty of time at home.

Sunny Sunday

What a good Sunday.
Adam was home from Uni, Beverley had the weekend off and the Sun was shinning.
I tried a real ale made with Lemon & Lime, we had roast pork for lunch and we had cheese on toast for dinner, two of my favourites.
Mass was celebrated by Fr Ivan, we had a choir who sang beautifully and the church was full.
Janice signed up another couple for the Walsingham trip next year ( places are going quickly ) and we met young George who was brought along by Cecilia and her Husband. He slept right through the service that's George not Cecilias' husband.
Now we are getting ready for a short break in Wales, we will be attending a Catholic service in Brecon and spread good news about the Ordinariate.

Some model views

A few pictures of people enjoying themselves in and around Williamsburg, Adamski & Beaville.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just say Thank You

We watched a programme on itv last night which brought back memories.
It was about heart problems and heart surgery and it got Janice and myself thinking about what might have been and what can happen in the future.
We both agreed that it was good for me to go through what I did but we also agreed that if the situation arises in the future we will take a different course depending on my age. ( shes thinking of the insurance :)  :)  )
Hopefully the situation wont arise and we can continue on as normal, whatever normal is, we also thought of all the friends and family that helped Janice get to and from the hospital and that helped me when I went home and during my recovery.
Friends and family are always around but taken for granted most of the time, so stop occasionally and just say Thank You to them, they will ask why are you saying thank you? and you can reply 'just for being here for me'

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi - & my birthday

Today is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, it also happens to be my birthday.
This is why I have always had an infinity with St. Francis and when I joined the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate I chose St. Francis as my Catholic name.
So today when you read this or later when you are relaxing don't wish me a happy birthday but offer a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi.
Thank You.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Women prerogative

After my previous blog I arrived home this evening and Janice has changed her mind about our 25th anniversary.
I guess that's a woman's prerogative.
But I also think it has something to do with Fr Ivan - Thank You

Sad Sundays

I think I'll try to aviod Sundays for a while (if only I could).For the last four Sundays have all been a mixture of emotions, for various reasons but always sadness.
Children going to university,saying good bye to dear friends and now Janice has decided not to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary because of various reasons to do with church.
She was looking forward to celebrating our 25th in church with friends & family and had already started making plans, because 25 years ago due to family reasons we were married in a registry office with no family and just 4 freinds but she has now decided not to bother.
Like a typical male it doesn't really matter to me but to Janice it did and for her to change her mind over matters to do with church does upset me. Saturday evening she was talking to a friend we had round for dinner about how she was looking forward to next April, Sunday evening she no longer wanted the celebration at all.
Very sad.