Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy Feast Day

Things are starting to get back to normal after Christmas, back to work etc.
However today I managed to get a couple of hours off of work so that I could attend the Feast of St Thomas of Canterbury, at St. Thomas' church Sevenoaks.
It was a good mass with hymns and incense
We started in the entrance hall singing a hymn to the statue of St. Thomas as he was blessed and incensed then we all processed into the church for the rest of the Mass.
This was followed by refreshments in the parish centre with friends.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Busy Weekend

We have come to the end of an enjoyable and busy weekend.
Adam came back from uni with lots of dirty washing and we all celebrated the Nine Lessons and Carols at St. Johns Sevenoaks.
It was nice to meet up with old friends, we were made to feel very welcome and we all enjoyed mince pies and a drink afterwards.
We are looking forward to next week as we prepare for Christmas and more Carols on Chritmas Eve before midnight mass at St. Thomas' Sevenoaks.
Just a small request, if possible rather than spending money on the excess of Christmas why not donate to a charity like Shelter to help provide food and clothing to those in need.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rock Choir

A friend of mine is performing with the Rock Choir at
the Sennockian in Sevenoaks on Monday 6th Dec at 7:30 pm and at
the Castle Stage at the Dickens Christmas Market on Sunday 11th December.
Please attend if you can and show your support.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

St John's Parish Christmas Fair

A local event happening this Saturday 26th November at St. Johns Church hall on St. Johns Hill Sevenoaks
2 - 5 pm  Free Entry
St John's Parish Christmas Fair

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just back from Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Thomas's

We have had a good afternoon attending the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Thomas's with Benediction and lots of incense.
A lovely tea with lots of home made fresh cakes and scones was enjoyed by everyone afterwards.
Unfortunately Father Harvey suffered a bad fall during the afternoon so Fr Gregory took the service while Fr Harvey sat with the congregation.

Ordinariate trip to Walsingham

There are still a few places left on the
Sevenoaks Ordinariate Pilgrimage to Walsingham.
Coach pick up from St. Thomas Church Sevenoaks at 10:00

Walsingham Pilgrimage 2012
Friday 13th April 2012 to Sunday 15th April 2012
Prices: Adult: £130.00 approx
Age 5 to 15 years : £90.00
Price includes coach from Sevenoaks, room and most food
Only 40 places Available Names and a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 required by
A great family weekend for spiritual renewal and relaxation.
All Welcome
Contact: Janice Williams  E-mail:
4th December 2011 or before.

It was a nice day

The day started well. Janice and I had a full day planned in London.
We started with a visit to the Padre Pio Bookshop, which is an interesting place to visit, very small but crammed full with all sorts of books, statues, prayer cards a shrine and at certain times they also hold services there.
We then went to the 'forward to advent' held in the Westminster Cathedral hall. We met some old friends, the Walsingham Nuns and even a couple from the Sevenoaks Ordinariate. After meeting people from various Catholic groups and buying some gifts for Christmas we went into the Cathedral. We had a wander round and while Janice sat in a side chapel with a small group and did the Rosary I went and watched a baptism that was taking place. After this we went and had a coffee and a cake in the Cathedral tea rooms, this was our first visit to the tea room but it won't be our last.
After our usual tour of St. Pauls bookshop and the CTS bookshop with obligatory purchase we headed for the Brompton Oratory.
We have had mixed reports regarding the Oratory but all we can say is WOW, everywhere you looked there is a statue or a chapel, it was just like visiting a sacred place in Italy. I would like to say to anybody at the Oratory that I think you could do with someone to help put together leaflets, brochures, postcards and small indiscreet signs / labels, all this would increase the pleasure of visitors - tourists and bring funds into the church. I don't have much spare time but I would help with these matters if required.
Time was now getting on so we thought we would pay a quick visit to the Winter Market in Hyde Park, yes I know it is only November but we don't go to London everyday. The tube was frighteningly busy due to a couple of lines being closed for 'essential repairs'.
On reaching Hyde Park Janice stoped and shouted 'Oh No'. It was then that we saw that some thieving little *!!* had stolen the digital camera from out of her ruck sack, so it was back to Hyde Park underground and 3/4 of an hour giving our infomation to the Police.
What had been a very good day was now totally ruined and we just wanted to get home, it's strange that when something like that happens to you, you start looking at everyone differently.
Still as they say nobody was hurt, the camera can be replaced and life goes on, it's just a shame that the memories from our recent holiday and our days out are now gone. No doubt we will learn but next time we go to London everyone we meet on the underground will now be a foe.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

14th Anniversary of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

14th Anniversary of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Please come and join us at St Thomas's on Sunday 20th November, the Feast of Christ the King.
In thanksgiving to God we are celebrating 14 years of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
We begin at 4.00pm with silent reflection, Benediction and Consecration to Christ the King.
Refreshments afterwards.
All welcome.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Character - Reputation

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. 
John Wooden

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A new addittion to our family

We now have a new addition to our family;
Harry, the Herman Tortoise. Approx 2 years old.
I have been told that this is one of the benefits of having a trainee veterinary nurse in the house.
Beverleys' room is now starting to look like a pet shop!!!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ordinariate - Good times ahead !!

Hello To all my new followers and visitors.

You are all most welcome to view my blog and please do leave comments.

I would especially welcome your views regarding the Ordinariate.
Are you a member of the Ordinariate?
Is the Ordinariate all that you believed it would be?
Are you thinking of joining?
Do you think it is a good idea?
Have you had members of the Ordinariate join your church?

I am a member of an Ordinariate group. However, the group I joined has left my local area and I along with a few others have stayed with our local Catholic church  where we have been made most welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully we can have some good comments and discussions.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Back from Sunny Wales

We are now back from our holiday in Wales, again only 1 day of rain ( Thursday) but we did have rain in the evenings which made the walking a bit boggy and muddy in places.
The holiday started with us arriving into Talgarth on the back of a recovery truck!!
It was good for a change to be able to sit back, relax and take in the scenery.
Our first walk took us via Talgarth gliding club where we met a nice friendly bunch of people and I was able to collect the gliders numbers. We had lunch atop of the ruins of Castle Dinas, it was high and windy but a very good vantage point from which to enjoy Tomato soup.
Sunday because the car was out of action we took the bus into Brecon and arrived at St. Michael's in time for Mass. After the service we had a good long chat with the Nunn in residence and took some photos. Janice as usual was plugging pilgrimages to Walsingham and we learnt about the recent pilgrimage St. Michael's had taken to Fatima. We then purchased fish 'n' chips and found somewhere nice along the canal to eat them.We finished walking 5 miles along the canal but had to be back to catch the one and only bus from Brecon to Talgarth at 5:30.
The rest of the holiday was full of exhilarating walks, finding our way across fields of cows and sheep, across small brooks and streams, up steep hills and finding hidden gems like a small church with its yew whipping tree, we also visited Hay on Wye and bought several more books !!! Bluith Wells and Brecon again.
The car was repaired very quickly and cheaply by a local garage in Talgarth called Orion Motors. I would definitely recommend these guys to anybody they are friendly, knowledgeable and quick.

Looks like I'll have to book another Saturday as a holiday.

AFC Wimbledon were drawn against Scunthorpe United from n power league 1 for the 1st Round of the FA Cup.
The tie will be played at The Cherry Red Records Stadium ( Kings Meadow) on Saturday 12 November.Looks like I'll have to book another Saturday as holiday.
I was really hoping for MK Dons but they will have to wait for another round.
I will be attending the match with a friend who actually comes from Scunthorpe but who works down here. Loser has to buy the drinks !!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A selection from my personal art portfolio

Just a few of my paintings.

I took up painting after my heart operation as I had plenty of time at home.

Sunny Sunday

What a good Sunday.
Adam was home from Uni, Beverley had the weekend off and the Sun was shinning.
I tried a real ale made with Lemon & Lime, we had roast pork for lunch and we had cheese on toast for dinner, two of my favourites.
Mass was celebrated by Fr Ivan, we had a choir who sang beautifully and the church was full.
Janice signed up another couple for the Walsingham trip next year ( places are going quickly ) and we met young George who was brought along by Cecilia and her Husband. He slept right through the service that's George not Cecilias' husband.
Now we are getting ready for a short break in Wales, we will be attending a Catholic service in Brecon and spread good news about the Ordinariate.

Some model views

A few pictures of people enjoying themselves in and around Williamsburg, Adamski & Beaville.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just say Thank You

We watched a programme on itv last night which brought back memories.
It was about heart problems and heart surgery and it got Janice and myself thinking about what might have been and what can happen in the future.
We both agreed that it was good for me to go through what I did but we also agreed that if the situation arises in the future we will take a different course depending on my age. ( shes thinking of the insurance :)  :)  )
Hopefully the situation wont arise and we can continue on as normal, whatever normal is, we also thought of all the friends and family that helped Janice get to and from the hospital and that helped me when I went home and during my recovery.
Friends and family are always around but taken for granted most of the time, so stop occasionally and just say Thank You to them, they will ask why are you saying thank you? and you can reply 'just for being here for me'

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi - & my birthday

Today is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, it also happens to be my birthday.
This is why I have always had an infinity with St. Francis and when I joined the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate I chose St. Francis as my Catholic name.
So today when you read this or later when you are relaxing don't wish me a happy birthday but offer a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi.
Thank You.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Women prerogative

After my previous blog I arrived home this evening and Janice has changed her mind about our 25th anniversary.
I guess that's a woman's prerogative.
But I also think it has something to do with Fr Ivan - Thank You

Sad Sundays

I think I'll try to aviod Sundays for a while (if only I could).For the last four Sundays have all been a mixture of emotions, for various reasons but always sadness.
Children going to university,saying good bye to dear friends and now Janice has decided not to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary because of various reasons to do with church.
She was looking forward to celebrating our 25th in church with friends & family and had already started making plans, because 25 years ago due to family reasons we were married in a registry office with no family and just 4 freinds but she has now decided not to bother.
Like a typical male it doesn't really matter to me but to Janice it did and for her to change her mind over matters to do with church does upset me. Saturday evening she was talking to a friend we had round for dinner about how she was looking forward to next April, Sunday evening she no longer wanted the celebration at all.
Very sad.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Please comment

Dear Reader
I would just like to remind people reading my blog, that what I post here on my blog are only my thoughts and do not necessarily reflect the official views of groups or organisations that I belong to.
As it says at the top of the page 'odd ramblings from and odd rambler'
Also please feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions here on the blog (nothing rude or insulting).

Thanks for reading and I hope you all keep safe and well.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ordinariate in Limbo

Its been a while since my last blog regarding the Ordinariate and that has been for several reasons. The main one being that it is the holiday season.
A few people have noticed that I have not been at church lately and have asked me why, so I thought a short explanation would be helpful.
When the idea of joining the Ordinariate was first put to me it was suggested that we would be joining the Catholic Church but taking some of our Anglican patrimony with us and that we may be able to stay at our present church. In either case we would have our own service. There were other reasons as well like becoming one with Rome and beginning to make one church.
It soon became apparent that we would not be able to stay at our present church and we were eventually told of our new location, which was the main Catholic Church in Sevenoaks.
I was told at the time by people staying and not joining the Ordinariate that St. Thomas’ although a Catholic Church was not a high Church like St. Johns. I thought well that’s ok as we will be having our own services with our own servers etc.
Unfortunately, since we became Catholic I think we have only had 4 or 5 Ordinariate services, we don’t have our own service, we are attending the usual 11:15 mass and the services are taken by the priests on a rota basis. We have been informed about changes that may or may not happen but we have been asked not to say anything until things are sorted!!!
I still feel that the Sevenoaks Ordinariate is and most probably will be absorbed into the local Catholic Church. This is not a bad thing but it is not what I thought the Ordinariate was supposed to do.
 I feel that several people have used the Ordinariate to become Catholic the easy way rather than going through the usual channels, which if that’s what they want fair play to them but I still want to as they say  have all the ‘Bells and Smells’. As I said before I cannot say too much because we have been asked not to say anything until things have been sorted, but I do feel as if I have joined the Ordinariate on a cloud of euphoria and have been left on that same cloud just floating around.
It’s for this reason that I have not been attending church. I have decided to wait until things are sorted and to see if I get a sign in answer to my prayers. I know that nothing can be done on a local level at the moment because of holidays but hopefully things will start to sort themselves out during September.
Maybe the Sevenoaks Ordinariate will have to move to another location to be able to have their own service.

One other note, I am noticing more and more that Mgr Keith Newton and the Ordinariate are appealing for donations to help support the clergy and other requirements of the Ordinariate.
I know that the Ordinariate should be self financing but surely if the Pope wanted this to happen couldn’t he have made more provision then was originally made? And don’t start me on the CBS affair!!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

some Pictures of Palma holiday

More pictures of my Palma holiday can be found here;
If this link doesn't work it can be accesed through facebook

Aircraft Spotters Delight

The main reasons we chose C’an Pastilla for our holiday were we had been there approx 14 years ago and back then it was a nice quiet resort, it had a nice long sandy beach, you could go out into the water a long way and the waves would only come up to your chest, we also wanted to be able to get into Palma by bus to revisit the Cathedral and we wanted to be near to the airport because when the wind is in the right direction the planes approach over the coast and are nice and low.
We had a nice afternoon flight; however once we had boarded the Monarch aircraft we were flying on we had an hour delay before take off, but once we were moving the flight went really well.
When we landed we had to find a particular travel desk in the terminal because as usual I had arranged the holiday myself so we didn’t have a tour guide to help us. We found the desk no trouble at all and the nice lady gave us our ticket and directed us to our coach for the onward journey. 30 minutes later we were in our hotel room.
Our room was on the 3rd floor with a balcony, we had views of the sea to our left and to our right was a view of the airport, I could not have planed it any better.
We had booked a 10 day half board holiday, the hotel food was good and over the 10 days not one menu was repeated. There was always a fish dish, two meat dishes, a choice of pasta and a good salad bar along with a good choice of desserts including fresh fruits and ice cream. Breakfast did become a bit monotonous but again there was a good selection of cheese and meats and as much coffee, tea chocolate and juice as you wanted.
Our first full day was spent on the beach and in the sea, we had a great time trying to catch the fish as they swam between us. The only down side to being on the beach is the amount of people trying to sell you things, you’re always being asked if you would like a massage, fresh fruit or sunglasses but once you said no they went on their way it was just unfortunate that 10 mins later another person would come along and then another and then another.
2nd day we set off to walk the coastal path to Palma with the intention of walking to the cathedral and as the aircraft were approaching over the sea we thought we would get some numbers as well. We couldn’t believe our luck not only were the aircraft approaching the airport from the sea, the footpath we were on went right to the edge of the runway, you could read the registration numbers without binoculars. We decided to explore and we found away from the path a nice secluded bay where we could swim, sunbathe and note down all the aircraft we were in heaven.
An hour and a half later we decided to continue our walk to Palma, when we were about ½ mile from Palma Cathedral and as it was now the hottest part of the day we decided to turn back and have a beer and a pizza at a beach hut restaurant that we had walked past and afterwards trudge slowly back to our secluded bay.
Over the course of our holiday we collected nearly 600 aircraft registrations 

We also saw some air force aircraft but amonst our favourite aircraft were the Yellow Tui, we even saw an orange Easy Jet which was painted in special colours to celebrate the fact that it was Easy Jets 200th Airbus.

Health and Safety Warning

I've been home from Mallorca 6 days now.
I had a brilliant time but unfortunately I managed to severely sunburn both feet.
My left foot was worse, swelling up to nearly 3 times normal size and a water blister over the complete foot.
The swelling has all gone but I still have blisters on my feet and I have just started to walk properly.
That’s what comes of going on holiday to Wales for 10 years; you forget that the sun can burn through the water!!!
So a reminder to everyone out there, don’t forget to apply lots of sun cream even if you are going into the water.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Off to Mallorca

The Hedgehogspotter is off to Palma Mallorca.
I will try to visit Palma Cathedral for Mass and view the wonderfull rose window again.
See you soon.

Pilgrimage to Wasingham - new picture

Just time for a nice soggy sandwich between Mass and Benediction !!
                              Janice always manages to avoid the camera.
photo by Fr Edwin Barnes

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ordinariate Pilgrimage of Reconciliation to Walsingham - 1

The morning started early as 3 of the Sevenoaks Ordinariate set off from Sevenoaks to Walsingham for the Ordinariate Pilgrimage of Reconciliation.
Good time was made on the M25 and through the Dartford Tunnel and in no time at all we seemed to be nearing our refreshment / comfort stop at Barden Mill.
While we were there eating our bacon burgers more pilgrims from Sevenoaks arrived and also we noted and spoke to other groups of pilgrims all refuelling their bodies.
We left and continued on our way to Walsingham passing the air base but unfortunately as it was the weekend there weren’t any aircraft movements. We had made very good time so decided to head straight to our b&b in Walsingham, where we could leave our car and walk the Holy Mile to the Slipper Chapel.
This appeared to be our first mistake of the day, we had not journeyed far down the path when the heavens opened, we continued walking getting wetter and wetter but we remained in good spirits. When we arrived at the Roman Catholic Shrine I made for the toilets to get some hot air from the blow dryers on my trousers which caused amusement with some of the other people using the toilets at that time watching me trying to dry my trousers, enough said about this I think.
The service of Reconciliation was led by Mgr Keith Newton; the Ordinariate Priests were in attendance including our own Father Ivan who had travelled up with his family and Father James Bradley who was the Deacon. (Father James must be the most travelled and photographed Deacon in the church, he definitely is for the Ordinariate and I hope the Ordinariate in Sevenoaks can keep hold of him although I feel the church will want him to continue his training else where).The Mass was extremely well attended with very wet people standing down the sides and at the back of the church as there was not a single spare seat anywhere.
After a wet and soggy lunch we had Benediction and prayed for the rain to stop.
Now I won’t go as far to say that it was a miracle but everyone’s prayers had been answered because we managed to process down the Holy Mile following the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham reciting the Rosary and singing Ave Maria in dry weather, the sun even came out towards the end of the walk which was warm enough to dry our clothes.
On a personal note and as it’s my blog I’m going to say it, I was really moved by this, to think it had been raining hard all day and then when it was time for the procession to start the rain stopped. Now I know that Mary, God, Jesus or St. Francis of Assisi maybe even all four were looking out for me and welcoming me into the Ordinariate and into the Catholic Church.
We continued our procession through Walsingham High Street and into the Anglican Shrine where Bishop Lindsay Urwin welcomed us. Again as at the Roman Catholic shrine there was no spare space left in the Anglican Shrine at all. This was also a moving experience for me as Catholics, Anglicans and the Ordinariate had all gathered in one place for a single purpose.
The Pilgrims were sprinkled and had Holy water poured into their hands, then we all received a joint blessing from both Mgr Keith Newton and Bishop Lindsay Urwin.
After one final hymn we said our goodbyes to friends old and new and then did as we were instructed to by Bishop Lindsay and visited the Shrine shop which had stayed open late by special arrangement!!!


Friday, 1 July 2011

Ordinariate Questions

As a member of the Sevenoaks Ordinariate I have enjoyed being part of the Catholic church but I am still concerned that as a group we haven't decided or been told where we are to establish ourselves as a group.
As time is moving on we seem to be being absorbed in to St. Thomas' church which isn't a bad idea but I don't think it is what the Pope was asking us to do.
Hopefully there may be some direction soon otherwise the Sevenoaks Ordinariate may just become St. Thomas members.
I pray that we all stay together as a group and that we can start to be part of the Ordinariate.
I am also looking forward to the Ordinariate pilgrimage to Walsingham.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Model Railway - 1

Have just finished placing and glueing over 400 very small model people onto large HO layout.  
Feeling slightly light headed because of the fumes from the glue. Still have a few more to put into position but the beer garden, parkland, small circus, childrens play area, market garden, walkers and 5 stations are now complete.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Parish Mission

After attending the mission launch party on Sunday I decided to attend a couple of events.
The first one was the vigil mass for St. Peter & St. Paul on Tuesday night.
It was a lovely occasion, when we entered the church the Altar had been decorated and there was a loaf of bread on it as well.
Fr. Kieran Brady & Fr. Charles Corrigan led us in a delightful service which included a narrated act of the last supper, all the lights in the church were turned off except on the Altar. They were ably helped by 12 members of the congregation who had 'vollenteered'.
Wednesday night was “Lord, teach us to pray” after a sermon by Fr Corrigan, some members of the parish shared their experience of prayer.
Again the Altar was well decorated with more candles which helped create a nice atmosphere for us all to concentrate on our own prayers, we were also invited to sprinkle crystals onto charcoal to help our prayers on their journey.
I have really enjoyed my two mission experiences this week.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Strange Day

I started today by celebrating the Feast of CORPUS ET SANGUIS CHRISTI at the church of St. Thomas in Sevenoaks.
This was followed mid afternoon by attending the launch of the parish mission at the parish party in the garden of St. Thomas .
I then made my way across Sevenoaks to attend my old church St. John the Baptist for their Patronal Festival and had refreshments and chat with some old friends.
A strange busy day.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sevenoaks Ordinariate Bar b que

What a lovely time we all had.
The rain made a brief appearance but the sun shone on the Sevenoaks Ordinariate.
As usual there was far too much food but we all tried our best to eat it all and just when we thought we had eaten far to much the deserts turned up !!
I can hardly move and I am now going to have a siesta.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sevenoaks Ordinariate visit to Walsingham

The Walsingham Pilgrimage from Sevenoaks

Photo: Frances Smith
Mrs Janice Williams writes:
Friday April 29th
39 Pilgrims from the Sevenoaks Ordinariate; St. Johns Sevenoaks and St. Thomas Sevenoaks journeyed to the National Shine of Our Lady of Walsingham, after prayers led by Fr James.
Fr Ivan could not join us this year as he was in Rome for the Beatification of Pope John Paul II.
As we arrived at Walsingham we all sung the Walsingham Pilgrim Hymn.
The first visit to the shrine was led by Roy Cavey, after which a group of us went to Vespers, the Rosary and Shrine prayers before supper.                          
At 9:30 the group attended Stations of the Cross which were led by Michael Payne and John Robinson from St. Johns. We then made our way on foot to the Slipper chapel a mile away for Mass and lunch. After lunch we joined with another group of pilgrims and walked back to the village along the old railway track saying the Rosary.
We arrived back in Walsingham in time for the 15.30 Benediction in the church of the Annunciation.
Members of St. Johns attended the 6pm Mass at the shrine church where Bishop Lindsay welcomed and said how good it was to have the first group from the Ordinariate visit Walsingham. After Supper, we joined with fellow pilgrims in the shrine church for the Procession of Our Lady of Walsingham in the garden.
After breakfast the group split, with the Ordinariate group going to Mass at the church of the Annunciation and the group from St. John’s going to the Parish Church. Both groups rejoined for lunch and after lunch we all attended the service of Sprinkling at the Holy Well. It was really good to do this as one large group just like one big happy family. Later we attended the final visit to the Holy House.
So after a weekend of good food, souvenir buying, praying and refreshing the mind body and spirit it was time to say goodbye to Walsingham for another year.
We finally arrived back in Sevenoaks at 9:30 pm.
Please note that next year’s pilgrimage to Walsingham has already been booked for Friday 13th April – Sunday 15th April 2012.
Everyone is welcome to join us for next year’s pilgrimage to Walsingham from the Ordinariate, St. Thomas’, St. Johns, new friends, old friends and children, bookings are now being taken.
For more information you can contact me, Janice Williams, or see me after 11:15am Mass at St. Thomas’ most Sundays.

Friday, 22 April 2011

We are now with Rome

Arrived home from work and told by she who must be obeyed, not to sit down but to hurry up eat my dinner, then to have my shower and change as we had to be out and walking up to Sevenoaks ready for a practice at St. Thomas church for our confirmation from being Anglican to Catholic.
We left home just before six thirty arriving just before seven.
There we met other candidates (our friends) and were taken through the order of service by Father Harvey and Father Ivan.
We were now ready for the main service, just time for a photo call outside the church.

I have not seen a church so full apart from weddings and funerals AND I was in the front pew!!!
The service as always was well led by Father Harvey, row after row of us were confirmed into the Catholic church then the twelve had their feet washed.
It was now time for my first ever Communion. It was alright, nothing at all to be worried about. 
After the service the confirmed, their sponsors and members of the congregation all mingled and wished each other well, then some went their own way and others went back into the church to pray and hold a silent vigil. After a while Janice and I left the church and walked home. It was a totally moving evening, after weeks of preparation we have joined Rome.
We would also like to say that we have been made to feel most welcome and moved by the new friends that we have made.


I would like to thank the Sevenoaks Ordinariate web site for the photos.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Todays the Day

Today is the day that I and my immediate family will be confirmed into the Catholic Church.
We can not wait, we have chosen our confirmation names.
Mine is St. Francis as I am interested in nature and animals, I am also a merchant selling to people like St. Francis used to do before he saw the error of his ways.
Also St. Francis' feast day is the same day as my birthday.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chrism Mass

Father Harvey singing his way down the aisle of Southwark Cathedral after attending the Chrism Mass.
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Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy times in the Ordinariate

Idle Rambler -
Thank you for your comment.
We have indeed been made to feel very welcome, and I and my family are making new friends.
We have already got sponsers for when we will be accepted into the Catholic church on Maunday Thursday.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Touth ache for two days now.  Have now started using a tcp mouth wash. 
Weather is improving and helping to cheer people up.
Oranges now seem to be going out of season, can only seem to find small ones although they are nice and sweet.
Learned that one of my old customers only has a few days left to live. Her daughter came in to tell me that she has had all her tubes and drips removed. However, she is 101

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Libya - Psalm 81

Psalm 81....human temptation to "become like Gods" is to appoint ourselves judges of the universe and all that is in it..... Yet our judgements are flawed by selfishness. It is better to leave all judging in Gods hands......Not to the Tomahawk missile.

Update from local church

Heard today from someone that goes to the Cof E church I used to attend before joining the Ordinariate, that they are not missing us and that we have not left a hole in their congregation. I dont believe this person but I didn't really like the way I was told.

Glorious Day

A strange walk along River Medway then lunch beside the Medway watching the ducks and a few boats in the lovely warm sunshine at a very busy riverside pub

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rude People

Working in retail has its rewards, you meet a nice cross section of people.
However there's always one or two that really spoil that thought and make you question why you bother working in retail, being nice to everyone even when they are downright rude.
I could give their names and addresses here but I wont.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

BBC - ITV - SKY & Others

If the BBC, ITV, Sky and other news companies were just to send one or two journalists to areas that have suffered a major disaster ie Japan, they could share information with each other so the world would still get the information and with all the money they would save from air fares, accommodation food etc, they could make a huge donation to the relief fund of the disaster they are covering. They would not be using up much needed resources like food and fuel. As we pay licence fees to the BBC surley they should listen to us.

Monday, 14 March 2011

A Great Laugh - then!!

Watching some mothers do ave em.
A great way to cheer yourself up after a poor day at work and help to forget the worries that you have.
Then you see reports from Japan and realise that your worries are insignificant compared to others.


The ordinariates are now up and running, but I can't help thinking how the usual parishioners of the churches that we have joined feel when they walk into their church and see a group of strangers sitting in their pews and even in the place that they normally sit.
I do hope that I have not unintentionally upset anyone.