Saturday, 14 January 2012

One Year Old

A year ago, approx 60 clergy and 1000 lay people took the brave decision to leave the Church of England and join the Ordinariate.
For the laity this meant leaving behind friends & buildings, for the Clergy they had to give up much more, their homes, their salary, job security, pensions and much more.
The road hasn’t been smooth or plane sailing. There have been, and still are people who don’t want the Ordinariate to succeed and seem to take pleasure in highlighting the difficulties, but despite all this the Ordinariate is here and will get stronger and stronger.
From small acorns giant oaks grow.
There are more people joining this year in England and Wales, a new Ordinariate has been set up in America with Canada and Australia to follow.
So tomorrow if you can, you can help celebrate the First Anniversary of the erection of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham at St. James, Spanish Place, London. at 5pm.
The Sevenoaks Ordinariate are having a 10.30am Mass at St. Johns the Baptist, Westerham.
The year has been emotional; we have joined the Catholic Church and made new friends.
The Sevenoaks Ordinariate is going to be the first Ordinariate group to have a pilgrimage to Walsingham and be greeted by Bishop Lindsay (there are only 4 places left on this Pilgrimage so if you want to go please get in touch quickly).
Everyone should be happy for each other, no matter what decisions have been made ultimately there is one God, one church.
We should all love each other no matter what path we have taken or choose to take.
Here's to the next year and many more.


  1. If the Ordinariate is so brilliant, what has led Damian to think the RC hierarchy is trying to smother it? The fact is its shrinking and the putative 'second wave' just doesn't exist.

  2. Poopy, why don't you stick to your priestesses and leave the Ordinariate alone?