Monday, 12 March 2012

a good friends advice

Today I have enjoyed catching up on old times with a good friend of mine who has also given me some useful advice.
Due to the present economic climate things haven’t been going to well at work and consequently I may well find myself in the position of having to look for another line of employment after 26 years.  I have a couple of options which I am weighing up but at the moment the future certainly doesn’t look orange.
My friend suggested taking what is due to me and look for an alternative line of employment, something should come along within a few months, but I am not so sure, I would hope so, but if it doesn’t then I could be in trouble.  Staying where I am is starting to bring me down with the worry, I have been told to keep praying and something will turn up, I just hope they're right.
So in the mean time if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate them, but just at the moment the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting further away.

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